Hipster Rap?

April 24, 2008

There’s a new trend in hip-hop that’s been quickly picking up steam and is well on its way to taking over the industry. It is commonly referred to as “hipster rap,” and can be described as a revival of the boom-bap era (ala Eric B & Rakim, Boogie Down Production, etc.). Meaning, these artists rely on basic old school-type beats to drive their sound. However, the lyrics seem to take precedent here, which has been missing in popular rap for some time now.

This trend began with the release of Hell Hath No Fury by the Clipse (2006). An incredible album in its own right, but somehow managed to bring all tastes of music together. Upon its release, Hell gained critical praise throughout the music community and it became “cool” to listen to this album.

Through the success from the Clipse, lyric-heavy rhymes and dirty beats were once again back in the picture, and the industry took notice.

Kanye West took it a step further with his release of Graduation (2007). Exchanging his Polo rugby and gold chain for a button down sweater and V-neck T, he merged the hipster look with hip-hop music.  This album was a huge success, and through combining both cultures, the flood gates had opened.

The Cool Kids: Duo from Chicago (big-ups Benner) and consists of Mikey Rocks and Chuck Inglish.

“Black Mags”

Wale: MC from Washington D.C. (wuttup Barack), who recently signed with Mark Ronson’s label.


The Knux: Duo from Hollywood, CA


Mickey Factz: MC from the Boogie Down Bronx.

“Rockin’ ‘N Rollin (Remix) feat. The Cool Kids ”

While trends will always be apart of music, I’m not particularly mad at this one. For the most part I encourage it thoroughly. While sometimes it seems a little gimmicky, as long as the lyrics are in place and the beats remain on point, I will continue to be a fan of this movement. Hip-hop needs some type of resurrection, and if it takes going back to the basics, then so be it.

P.S. I miss hyphy music..


6 Responses to “Hipster Rap?”

  1. Benner said

    RIP Hyphy Music…

    Good post. I’m sort of in love with a lot of hipster rap myself. The only thing I could really do wthout is the costumey throwback gear. I guess thats part of the image though.

    The Knux address the issue, with some interesting points here…


  2. Benner said

    For the record…
    I hate the Kids in the Hall
    I like Tanya Morgan
    I like Wale
    I like Serengheti
    I like Jay Elect
    I’m indifferent towards the Knux and Mickey Facts, and The Cool Kids

  3. zeckwreck said

    By the way, the above Mickey Factz song sounds a little too close to Clipse’s “Mamma I’m So Sorry” if you ask me…Oh, and for the record, I like Cool Kids and the Knux. Really not digging Mickey Factz though.

  4. The Kid said

    Gotta Say i’m so into Mickey Factz e’s still kinda street. Lupe, Kanye, Mickey, Kid Cudi, Wale,Cool Kids, MIA, are all my fav’s. Does hyphy count as Hipster rap? at any rate i’d say the pack too, if they weren’t so sorry lyrically. but they got swag

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  6. […] guy who put you on in the first place?  It’s obvious how late you were catching up with the hipster-trend (i.e. sweaters and tight jeans) and voice box (ala T-Pain), so please don’t go claiming […]

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