Ever wonder how Jay-Z jettisoned from Jaz-O’s flat-topped sidekick to one of hip-hop’s most important figures of all time? Obviously, Reasonable Doubt was our first taste of the MC we have come to know and respect, but it was the main single off that album that opened the door. The single I’m referring to is “Ain’t No N***a,” featuring a young Foxy Brown. Since this single hit the world, Jigga has taken over the music industry and is arguably the most powerful man in hip-hop.

But, without that funky bass line from “Ain’t No..” (boom ba doom boom boom doom..), who knows where Mr. Carter would be today. I’m sure he would find his share of success in the industry, but it wouldn’t be the same story without that perfectly-timed first single, and more notably, the memorable sample used for this track.

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Nas: “NY State of Mind”

Here’s a video of Nas performing the greatest hip-hop song ever made at a recent show in Toronto.

Check below for “Life’s a Bitch.” Man, I hope this new album is dope…

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Say Goodnight

May 30, 2008

Reks: “Say Goodnight” (Prod. By DJ Premier)

Here’s the latest from an MC out of Massachusetts by the name of Reks. Preemo!

Feeling this one…

Big L: “Put it On” (Dilla Remix)

Here is a dubbed video version of the Dilla remix to “Put it On” from DJ Soul’s Assorted Donuts mixtape…Damn, one can only dream.

Props to Okayplayer.



Hella Flashing Lights

May 29, 2008

Apparently, this is the first version of “Flashing Lights” from Mr. West.

Kanye is officially on some shit.  Haunted houses?  Wow dude…

Check Versions #2 and #3:

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This is shout out to all you DJs out there. This classic joint kinda slipped my mind for a while, but a friend of mine dug it up and made sure I remember this dedication to the art of DJing. I actually first heard this on the Project Blowed album way back in the day, as I was a huge Aceyalone fan. The beat was simple and grimey, and had that old east coast feel, yet it was the Nonce from the West on the mics giving us a little background of how they used to do it before they made emceeing their craft.

This is just another dose of that classic hip-hop, and also showing love to all the djs out there keep the artform alive. Keep doing what you’re doing.

Doin’ Damage

May 28, 2008

Yesterday I made a quick stop for vinyl, and ran across an album that some would consider legendary.  That album is Doin’ Damage  by The JVC Force.  I’ve spent my entire digging career hearing of this three-man crew from Long Island and especially about their classic anthem “Strong Island.”  Whether it was from word of mouth, various articles (i.e. Waxpoetics #13), or mixes, this album has always remained fresh on my mind.  Needless to say, I grabbed the LP immediately, took it home, and did a little research.  

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New Wu-Tang!

May 28, 2008

Well, kind of…Here’s the latest from Bobby Digital entitled, “You Can’t Stop Me Now.” 
This beat is 1,000 times better than anything on 8 Diagrams…And is it me, or does it sound tailor-maid for Ghostface? 
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Just Blaze Interview

May 27, 2008

Check this interview from (MBR’s #3 in the game) Just Blaze on PP2TV, where he discusses his current status, future moves, and the idea of “keeping it real.”

“All you people who have a problem with Serato…Shut up.  Point blank.”

(Madlib and J. Rocc digging overseas)

Make sure to check the latest photos from the Stones Throw European Tour (May), courtesy of Dolan and Mauro Puccini

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