Nas Was Right About Fox…

July 31, 2008

Need anymore proof?  I CAN’T BELIEVE that in 2008, these types of discussions are allowed to be aired on a nationally “respected” news program.  On the flip side, I bet there are a ton of white supremacists who endorse McCain to the fullest extent…Do you think he backs their views Fox?

Fox news continues to spread fear among its viewers to keep them boxed-up in a conservative world.  If the public is scared of a black leader, they will vote McCain and Fox will have its way.  Obama doesn’t agree with Ludacris, and anyone with half a brain cell should understand this.  Fox news is scared of change and will do whatever they can to make sure this country is lead by a white man.  It’s NOT about race, it’s about CHANGE. 

I am completely offended by this blatant ignorance and hope Obama will be able to look past this and prevail come November…Fox News, you are a disgrace to national media.



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