Yes We Kan

August 29, 2008

From Kanye’s Blog…Mr. West kicks it with Democratic hopeful Barack Obama.  The rest of the fam after the jump.

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Most Definitely

August 29, 2008

Mos Def: “The Glow”

That’s right Bass Rockers…The Mighty Mos still makes cracking music every now-and-again.  Now if there’s any truth to the upcoming Black Star project (w/ Kanye, Dilla, & Hi-Tek beats), I’m a little more excited than before…Boogeyman!

Representing the Ox

August 28, 2008

Madlib the Beat Konducta (feat. MED & Poke): “The Ox (805)”

Further proof on why Lord Quas is the illest in the game…Under the radar of course.  I’m feeling this track and hope we get more of the same for the remainder of the album.  King of the Wigflip dropping on the incredible date of September 30th.

Turn it up!

Can: “Vitamin C”

August 27, 2008

In celebration of the latest “Rock Issue” from Waxpoetics, I’ve been on a crazy Rock tip lately.  More specifically, I’ve been looking into Rock with hip-hop appeal (soulful drums, etc.), and the first track that came to mind was Can’s “Vitamin C.”  This was B-Boy music a decade before breakdancing became popular in New York City.  I can’t get enough of this funky band from Europe, and thought they should receive some shine for this weeks Bass Radio.

Seattle’s Finest

August 26, 2008

September 9th marks the release date of Common Market’s highly anticipated third album, Tobacco Road.  The duo from Seattle consists of RAH Scion (MC; right) and Sabzi (DJ/Producer; left), who made a big splash in the undergound scene with their self-titled debut (2005).  Since first forming as a group in 2004, they’ve made a heavy name for themselves in hip-hop, and are true leaders of the flourishing Seattle music scene. 

Peep game and let me know what you think…

Here’s a direct link to their first single from Tobacco Road, “Gol’ Dust.”

Politics as Usual EPK

August 26, 2008

That “Watch How It Go Down” joint sounds raw…Preemo seems to be on a roll lately.  My expectations are pretty high for this release, so hopefully he delivers on September 30th.

Don’t Sleep!

Waxpoetics #30

August 26, 2008

The latest issue of Waxpoetics is dubbed “The Rock Issue.”  It features great articles (what’s new?) from the legendary punk band Bad Brains, and surprisingly takes a look into the later years of Elvis Presley upon his return to Memphis. 

Check it out HERE.

We Here?

August 26, 2008

Illa J: “We Here (Prod. J Dilla)”

This is definitely some older Jay-Dee beat magic, but I’m not too sure about the above track.  Am I the only one who feels like Illa J (direct bite from the name “J Dilla”) is blatantly using his brother to get famous?  Would this have happened if Dilla were still around?

Don’t get me wrong…I might be the biggest Dilla fan ever, but I don’t exactly know how to take his brother yet. 

Good look Nah.

Stay Up

August 25, 2008

88 Keys (feat. Kanye West): “Stay Up (Viagra)”

Here’s the latest joint (first single?) off 88’s upcoming album.  Sounds a little more like Kanye featuring 88 Keys, but the song is pretty dope regardless.

Stay Up!

Via Nah.

Delivery Kids

August 21, 2008

The Cool Kids: “Delivery Man”

I haven’t heard too much new material from these dudes in a minute.  Definitely a highlight in their already impressive (yet small) catalogue.

For some reason, this title brings me back to Master P’s “Ice Cream Man.”  UGHHHHHH!