The Renaissance Revealed!

September 29, 2008

Now, that’s how you make an album cover!  I was already pretty anxious for Mr. Abstract’s sophomore project The Renaissance, but this cover art just upped the ante.  I’m hopeful that this album will be solid, and am looking forward to writing a review when it drops on 10/29.

UPDATE: Q-Tip (feat. D’Angelo): “I Believe”

Good looking Nerd With Swag.


Return of the Jedi

September 29, 2008

It’s official…The Blueprint 3 is dropping on December 2nd.  While that seems like a long-ass time to get the new release, I’m just glad Jigga is still putting out good music.  Have you heard “Jocking Jay-Z?” Honestly, that track alone is reason enough to buy 2 copies (one for listen, the other for back-up).



September 26, 2008

Guess how much these black and yellow Dunk-Hi’s (including Wu-symbol) are going for on the market?  $200?  $500?  Try $7,500.  While these are one of the illest pairs of dunks I’ve ever seen, anyone dropping that kind of cash on a pair of shoes, deserves to get ganked…Especially during The Great Depression Part 2.

UPDATE: Benner just saw this post and is currently trying to get a loan from Wa-Mu (R.I.P.).

Via Wooha.

It’s So Cold in the D

September 26, 2008

Even though this has been around a while, it might be the funniest goddam thing I’ve ever seen.

$20 for anyone who can find me a copy of this on wax.

P.S. How the fuck do we ‘posed to keep peace?

New D.I.T.C.?

September 26, 2008

The D.I.T.C.: “Hard Hit (feat. D-Flow, O.C., A.G., and Boss Money)

Official album dropping on November 18th.  So let me get this straight…We have a new Large Professor dropping on Tuesday, a new Diamond D on 10/14, and now a new Diggin’ in the Crates record coming out right after?  Is this 1992, or just wishful thinking?

All I’m saying is Diamond D better be all over this if it’s going to be official…

Via Nah.

Ain’t No Half-Steppin’

September 24, 2008

I knew that sometime down the road I’d have to throw in some Big Daddy Kane.  While some may find “Raw” the difinitive Kane track, I have to stick with “Ain’t No Half-Steppin'” as my all-time favorite BDK joint.  This is the essence of who Kane was as a lyricist, and few can challenge his greatness, let alone compare to his significance to the genre.

The jockee (left) and the jocker (right)

According to Kanye’s Blog, he’s so excited about the upcoming album, that it will be released sometime in November instead of December.  From the man himself:


Hopefully, the “Love Lockdown” sound isn’t a reoccurring theme here because I’m not impressed…Surprise me homie!

The Voice Box is Played-Out..

September 21, 2008

Stop playing yourself…

Continue on, to hear what I’m talking about..

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New 40-Water..

September 21, 2008

E-40 (feat. Turf Talk): “Got Rich Twice”

From the upcoming album The Ball Street Journal, here’s the first single, “Got Rich Twice.”  As long as E-fizzle keeps making joints like this, the hyphy movement isn’t dead.  

“I ain’t got dreads, but I plan on growing some…”  

Download Track HERE

From the official announcement:

Inspired by the LA Weekly’s revelatory interview with Ms. Maureen Yancey (Ma Dukes), mother of deceased producer and hip hop luminary J Dilla, recording artists Solillaquists of Sound have created “Death of the Muse,” feat. J-Live & Chali 2na.

In an effor
t to alleviate the grim financial situation that has been intensified by her declining health, one hundred percent of the proceeds will go directly to Ms. Yancey. This track is available for a minimum donation of $2.

Please go the above link and download this track.  Not only is it good music, but it’s for an even better cause.  The Yancey’s could use your support!