I recently heard this gem on a mix from legendary Beat Junkie J-Rocc, but couldn’t remember the artist or name of the track.  My good friend at the shop immediately recognized it though, and now I’m steady hunting for a clean copy on 12″ or LP…Kwest the Madd Lad is killing it on Bass Radio this week.  Hit me up if you have a copy for sale!


From HipHopDX:

Gang Starr is me.  And it comes out in whatever I do, to the fullest.  7Grand is the future.  Guru and Solar are those intelligent, creative leaders that Hip Hop needs right now, and will be needing… It’s your favorite rapper, the legendary, combined with NYC’s brightest producer.  That’s what it’s about.

I saw Guru live like 4 years ago and he brings out this Solar guy (not to be confused with the french rapper MC Solaar, whom Guru has worked with in the past), who nobody gave two shits about.  Even then dude was trying to hype up this no-name by saying stuff like, “this is superstar producer Solar”….Please Guru.  The only superstar producer you’ve EVER worked with is DJ Premier. The only reason anyone listens to Guru or goes to a Guru show is to hear Gang Starr classics.

You and your weed-carrier aren’t the future of anything.  You are famous from your past work, which is absolutely timeless.  Stop kidding yourself by being this guy’s #1 fan, because frankly if it hasn’t worked within these last 4 years, it probably won’t work in the future.  Not trying to hate, just saying it like it is.

The Comeback

March 30, 2009

First single from Big Pooh’s forthcoming debut LP Delightful Bars (out in May).  I’m a big fan of Little Brother, namely because they have yet to disappoint.  Even without the aid of beatsmith superstar 9th Wonder, both Big Pooh and Phonte continue to crush everything they put out.

I guess some people just get it, and some people just don’t…Preach!

T.I. Sentenced to a Year

March 27, 2009

From CNN:

ATLANTA, Georgia (CNN) — Rap star T.I. was sentenced in Atlanta federal court Friday to one year and one day in prison and ordered to pay a $100,300 fine on weapons charges related to purchasing machine guns and silencers.

Silencers?  Damn T.I.  Good luck to you man.  Not a great day in hip-hop…

My New Favorite Blog..

March 26, 2009

Yeah. Take that take that take that.

If you do anything after visiting Bass Rocks, please make sure to check out my new favorite blog Daily Mathematics.  This is fairly new site, as told from the hilarious mind of Combat Jack, a true veteran in the music industry.  Moreso, it’s pretty important that you peep his “Combat Jack Throwback” five-part series, which is a collection of mind-blowing personal encounters with well-known characters in rap:

#5: R.A. The Rugged Man’s Sloppy Seconds

#4 Pete Rock is Not a Snitch!

#3 Diddy Will Kick Your Ass

#2 Tragedy Khadafi Likes His Cris Warm

#1 Tupac Shakur Stayed Having the Best Weed

I’m still rolling…Don’t sleep!

Livin’ Astro

March 26, 2009

“I got my shades on/ big rockstar compared to Elvis/ signing autographs for rappers/ while girls shake they pelvis..” Not really much more to say here…Bass Radio is livin’ astro my dunnies.

Pharrell Be Clowning

March 25, 2009

Seriously one of the funniest goddam things I’ve seen in a while.  The dancing and hollering made these Frenchies straight up leave the store to get security.  So clowning in so many ways..

“Come on baby, let’s eat!  Let’s Eat!  Let’s Eat!”

The Grouch Is Killing It

March 25, 2009

What?!?  Being a HUGE fan of Making Perfect Sense, the above track strikes a chord.  This takes me back to the “Simple Man” and “Wish You a Good Day” days, when underground hip-hop was unstoppable.

It’s good to see the Living Legends general back at it, and I am for sure going to peep game on Showing You the World, which I admit was slept on (guilty as charged).

New Del?

March 24, 2009


Del: “Get it Right Now”

Wait a minute…Del has a new LP entitled Funkman dropping on 4/7?  Why is this the first Bass Rocks has heard of this?  Del is one of the greatest figures in underground hip-hop, and owes his fans a solid LP since The 11th Hour was lacking (to say the least).

“Get it Right Now” sounds good though.  Hopefully the whole things pops off…

Props to 2IllMen.

New Doom Available Today

March 24, 2009

DOOM’s first official release in over 4 years drops today, entitled Born Like This.  Looking forward to hearing the final product, as he’s been out of the picture for mad long.

Oh, and review on it’s way.