More of the Same?

August 31, 2009

Jay-Z: “Thank You”

Jay-Z: “Hate (feat. Kanye West)”

Hmm..Now I’m a little confused.  What we’ve heard since “D.O.A.” has been sub-par to completely forgettable.  Above are the two latest leaks from BP3 (out September 11th), which leave me scratching my head a little more.  “Thank You” is a cut above everything thus far (minus “D.O.A.” of course), while “Hate” is a little bit more of the same.

Like I said before, I’ll reserve judgement until hearing the album in its entirety, but things aren’t looking so hot for the jigga man right now.

Key to a classic = More No ID + less Kanye West.  Did I miss anything?

Props Nah.


House of Flying Daggers

August 28, 2009

Anticipation levels are getting a little out of hand here…Early reviews are freaking out over OB4CL2, and I for one am going a little nuts waiting on this project.  The above track is the first official single off the classic follow-up, complete with a Dilla beat that manages to capture that vintage Wu.

Don’t forget to buy the album on September 9th at your local Wu Wear clothing store or neighborhood Wallabee carrier.


August 24, 2009

Raekwon (feat. Lyfe Jennings): “Catalina (prod. Dr. Dre)”

It was only a matter of time before we got the chance to hear Rae over Dr. Dre from the earlier Aftermath sessions.  The above track is classic Dre mixed with classic Chef, and the combination couldn’t be any more perfect.

Raekwon continues to make me a believer in his upcoming follow-up, forcing OB4CL2 onto the Bass Rocks #1 most anticipated spot (followed by Fashawn & Exile for the close second).

Oh, and the intro brings me back to the original Only Built…

NahRight Exclusive!

Make Room

August 21, 2009

Off Tha Liks classic LP 21 & Over, “Make Room” still knocks just as hard as it did back in the day.  The drums are pretty infectious, and J-Ro & Tash keep it gully as ever on the lyric tip…Plus this is perfect boombox music for late August in California.

Never had a girlfriend the color of cooking flour..

Black Milk On One

August 21, 2009

Detroit’s-own beatsmith Black Milk has been releasing fire lately, and I felt it shouldn’t go unnoticed on Bass RocksNah Right has been all over these, so without further ado, here you go:

Black Milk: “In the A.M.”

Black Milk: “Set Go”

Heat!  Oh, and feel free to drop Tronic 2 anytime soon.  I’m just sayin..

PREVIOUSLY: Tronic Review

Going through my extensive collection of late 90’s hip-hip CD’s, I stopped to reminisce on albums like The Artifacts’ That’s Them, Soundbombing II, and High & Mighty’s Home Field Advantage.  During my high school years, these albums were instant classics, and for me still remain timeless to this day.  Keep in mind, this was the beginning stages of Napster, where CD sales still dominated, and Puff Daddy was going 4 x platinum like it was nothing special.  This was a great time not only for music, but hip-hop especially.  Album release dates were treated like the opening day for The Dark Knight, with people waiting in line outside Tower Records for the latest Jay-Z album.  I was usually first in line, with walkman in hand, most likely looking forward to getting a fresh copy to blast in my boombox when I got home.

I’ve recently come to the realization that I will never get this type of feeling again from new music.  Not that the music itself isn’t good, it’s just a whole separate world that I have yet to get comfortable with.  Today, albums come and go from our consciousness like eating a turkey sandwich from the corner store deli.  Typically, the album drops, the music consumer buys or burns the album, gives it one to three listens in the following two weeks, then moves onto the next.

I blame the internet for this phenomenon.

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45 (All the Way) Live

August 20, 2009


Stones Throw continues to find ways to impress me, especially in today’s music atmosphere.  Sometimes it even feels like they make releases exclusively with me in mind.  Maybe I’m bugging, or maybe Peanut Butter Wolf just cares that much..Regardless, this is what you call a good look.

Anyways, Stones Throw will be releasing a slew of classic hip-hop on 45″, in a packaged bundle they are calling 45 Live.  Most (if not all) were never released on 45″ back in the day, so this is a dope situation for vinyl-heads around the globe.  Also, this mix will be released digitally as well as on CD next month.

Peep the details HERE.

This morning 4 rare Eminem tracks hit the web, from his studio sessions with Chaos Kid as the duo Soul Intent (1988 – 1992).  I’ve never had a chance to listen to these joints before, but I remember hearing about his 90’s crew Bassmint Productions, but never actually hearing any material from this era.  Here they are:

Soul Intent: “Unrealistically Graphic”

Soul Intent: “Poo Butt”

Soul Intent: “Artificial Flavour”

Eminem feat. Proof “Hammer vs. Vanilla”

Pretty crazy to hear the evolution of Marshall from his Bassmint days, to Dr. Dre, to dissing Mariah Carey out of desperation.  Not a good look!

Shouts to NR.

If you haven’t copped the latest (and greatest) issue of Frank 151, I suggest you stop tripping and find your local carrier.  The most recent issue celebrates De La Soul’s 20th anniversary of 3 Feet High & Rising, giving the trio full creative control of the content and layout.

One of the articles focuses on their A & R representative Dante Ross, as he explains his first encounters with De La, and the impact it left with him and hip-hop in general.  Here’s an excerpt:

OK, De La killed their first show, which is funny, because during their early tours post the success of 3 Feet High and Rising, they actually were kind of suspect live, something they admit freely and something they worked hard to overcome. It’s ironic because they have one of the best live shows in all of hip-hop these days and tour and perform constantly.

You can read the full article HERE, or through grabbing the latest copy of Frank 151 (which I highly suggest).

Fashawn & Exile

August 19, 2009

Hip-Hop Official has named Fashawn & Exile their “Artists of the Week,” and above is a video of the duo explaining their sound and talking about the highly anticipated Boy Meets World.

I don’t know about any of you, but this album gets me fired up…If Below the Heavens is any indication of what Exile is bringing to the table, we’re all in for something special.

No pressure guys.  If BP3 fails, all you have to do is save hip-hop.  Cool?