Beanie Goes After the Crown

October 30, 2009

Beanie Sigel: “What You Talkin’ Bout (Jay-Z Diss)”

Sounds like Beanie is a little more disappointed with Blueprint 3 than I am…But seriously, I never thought I’d ever see this one happen.  However, Jay does seem to be acting above his Roc La Familia since making the serious money that he’s been making in recent years.  Instead of guest appearances from Beanie and Memphis on record, he’s got Kid CuDi and Drake.  Really?  I thought it was Roc-a-Fella for life?

Somewhere Jay is doing some serious reflecting right now.  I doubt he makes a response record, not only because he would lose, but because this one hits home.

Let the drama begin!

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Thriller Tribute

October 30, 2009

Above is a live version of DJ Day + Exile’s version of Thriller, via MPC madness.  These dudes are seriously on their beat machine game, so big shout out to the two of them.  If this doesn’t get you going for Halloween, then I don’t know what will…

Happy Halloween Bass Rockers.

Boy Meets World

October 29, 2009

Months ago I went to a Wale show out at Mezzanine, and opening up for him was my new favorite duo Blu & Exile.  The group I came with was more so into the headliner, but I’d heard too many great things about Exile on the MPC and Blu on the mic to be swayed.  Plus, the best hip-hop album I’d heard in years Below the Heavens was still getting heavy rotation.

Their set was incredible, managing to hit nearly every track on their debut, which was a dope thing to see.  But just as they were about to call it a wrap, this little guy comes running out (ala Phife Dawg at every De La Soul show I’ve ever been to), and starts spitting with a vengeance.  I mean, this dude came onstage with a purpose, and that purpose was to rock the crowd.  In my many years of going to shows, it’s pretty obvious who carries the weed in the group, and who runs shit.  This guy was definitely in charge of the stage, no question about that.

After about 2 songs from this unknown rapper, he belts out “My name is Fashawn…Buy my upcoming album Boy Meets World, entirely produced by this man here (*points at Exile*).”   I was sold.  Just like that, my anticipation for his debut LP started.

Continue on for a full review..

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B.Cause Shows MJ Some Love

October 28, 2009

Michael Jackson: “Butterflies (B.Cause Re-Edit)”

Michael Jackson (feat. Janet Jackson): “Scream (B.Cause Re-Edit)”

Apparently, there’s one more underway as well.  That “Outstanding” over “Butterflies” is bananas.  Stay tuned for the third entry as soon as it gets posted.

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Good 50 Cent Music?

October 28, 2009

50 Cent: “So Disrespectful”

Wait, could 50 Cent be back?  You know, the mixtape 50 that made decent raw hip-hop?  I don’t know if it’s possible for him to fully reinstate that persona, but the above is promising for his upcoming project Before I Self Destruct.  He did promise this album to be harder than his past LP’s, and if the rest sounds close to this, he wasn’t lying.

I’m just saying…

Thanks 2DB.


DJ Jazzy Jeff: “He’s the King, I’m the DJ (mixtape)”

Jazzy Jeff comes through yet again (when doesn’t he?) with some incredible music for your headphones.  This time around, it’s a free mixtape in memory of the greatest pop icon ever.  I have yet to bump this, but best believe it will get heavy rotation on the Monster headphones.

Track list after the jump…

R.I.P. MJ.

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I don’t typically buy albums on iTunes, because I’m old school and look forward to the deep treck to Amoeba for a physical copy.  Being that Boy Meets World is about as epic a hip-hop album gets for me, waiting until late tonight or tomorrow just wouldn’t do.  Besides, I’ll probably be copping on wax regardless…

Do yourself some good and follow my path.  So far the whole thing is bananas, and I’m only on full listen #3.

Pot Belly

October 20, 2009

Came up on this one over the weekend and had to bring it up on MBR.  The second the needle hit “Pot Belly” on the one, those infectious drums brought me back to some great hip-hop lurking in my subconscious.  The first track that comes to mind when listening to this jazz classic, is “Friendly Game of Baseball” by Main Source (shout out to Large Pro), which is a certified golden era staple (like everything else on Breaking Atoms).

I know this dark melody has been chopped up more than once, so I thought I’d make the extra effort and do some sample digging.  Check below for a plethora of Lou Donaldson love from some true-blue crate heads..

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Clipse Album Preview

October 19, 2009

Is anyone else really excited for this album?  Man, I don’t know how they could even try to top their last effort (Hell Hath No Fury), but what I’m hearing is incredibly promising.  Any who, click HERE for a full synopsis from Complex, for yet another great article from their site.

The Clipse are really becoming a modern day hip-hop duo juggernaut, in an era where this is an almost impossible feat.  Christmas comes early this December 8th, so let’s all rally together, scrape our wallets, and cop a sure-to-be banger from one of the best groups out…EEEEEUUUUUKGHHH.

Code of the Streets

October 16, 2009

While this is more of an obvious choice, I’m a little surprised Gagn Starr hasn’t seen as much shine on Bass Radio as they should.  The Guru/Premier duo is the G.O.A.T. hip-hop group in my eyes, and “Code of the Streets” is a perfect example of why.  Absolute beat perfection, and rhymes, while elementary to some, match Premier’s style perfectly (ala C.L. Smooth & Pete Rock)…Played this 12″ last Saturday and the crowd went bananas.

Gang Star FTW!