I Go Off

November 13, 2009

Beanie Sigel (feat. 50 Cent): “I Go Off”

Not mad at this one at all.  It looks like the beef is beginning to officially unravel…It’s only a matter of time before an official diss record is underway.

Respond Jay!  Make some history!

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It’s Funky Enough

November 6, 2009

Finally stopped tripping and picked this up on 12″ yesterday, after passing it up a handful of times.  Not really sure why I avoided buying this so many times, but obviously I wasn’t thinking straight.  Plus, it contains the acappella, which is getting me digging for a fitting beat to drop a remix to.  The D.O.C. was so ill back in the day, and I’m quickly realizing I need to do more homework on his short-lived career.  Oh, and that “Misdameanor” sample kills it.  Shout out to Foster Sylvers!

Pete Rock on Toca Tuesday

November 4, 2009

Pete Rock Set on Toca Tuesday (11/3)

The Boy Wonder himself played a set on Tony Touch’s Toca Tuesday (Shade45 Radio) yesterday, to bless us hip-hop heads with exclusives from Slum Village, Cypress Hill, Styles P, etc.  I saw the mighty Pete Rock play a set in SF a couple years back, and earned even more respect for the man that could easily be considered the G.O.A.T. hip-hop producer.

Check the above and thank 2DBz for posting..

50 Cent Starting A War?

November 4, 2009

Good timing too…What would an album release from the G-Unit general be without some sort of beef to fuel it?  Recently, 50 got on the radio with Beanie Sigel to talk all things Jay-Z.  More specifically, how he messed up in the whole Roc-a-Fella split, including turning his back on his most loyal label mate and friend.

In the end of the interview, it seems that a G-Unit deal between Sigel and 50 is underway (again), which will just add fuel to the fire.  Honestly, Beanie getting a record deal is something that needs to happen, so why not G-Unit Records?

I’m really hoping this is only the beginning to the 50/Jay war, because this would be a healthy feud for hip-hop.  Jay-Z is getting a little too comfortable in his spot, and 50 would love such a challenge from the jigga man.  50 FTW?  We all know Jay-Z can make an effective diss record (“Takeover” anyone?), but I can’t wait to hear the track that 50 will drop.  He’s a nasty dude, and his new album Before I Self Destruct is significantly better than Blueprint 3 if you ask me.  Get him Fif!

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