Baseline Closes

January 30, 2010


Just when I started to fall back in love with hip-hop, Just Blaze goes and closes shop.  Baseline Studios was one of the most important creative melting pots for influential artists across the genre, which is why this news comes as a little bit of a bummer.

Baseline played a giant role in the second wave of Roc-A-Fella fame (post Blueprint), and for that alone we all owe Just, and the numerous MC’s that walked through the doors, a moment of silence.


Cold Turkey..

January 30, 2010

As it’s been over two months since I last touched this blog, I feel an excuse is necessary to the good amount of people who still visit this site on a daily basis.  I’ve been through some intense changes in my life recently including leaving my last job and jumping aboard a new (and very demanding) gig, so apologies are definitely in order.

I admit these past couple of months have been pretty overwhelming, but as the smoke starts to clear more and more with each day, I realize why I’ve kept my site a priority for so long.  Not only is My Bass Rocks a creative outlet for me, but it also gives me a chance to share my experiences as a DJ in one of the most musically-rich places in the world.

So, if you’re down to let me continue MBR like it never left, I’d like to pick up where we left off…You know, the latest music news, dusty groove finds, album reviews, and (of course) the occasional video throwback.