Best of Times

March 29, 2010

First track off the incredible In Search of Stoney Jackson, from LA super-group Strong Arm Steady (entirely produced by Madlib).  This is my personal favorite off their recent release, featuring soulful loops and Phonte killing it on the hook.

Copped on wax a while back and suggest you do the same!


Flawless Crowns

March 17, 2010

Raekwon: “Flawless Crowns”

Unreleased Rae joint that was from the OB4CL2 sessions..Not exactly why this wasn’t included, as the the sound is exactly on par with the gutter that is his latest effort (in a very good way).

Also, if you’re feeling this enough to drop around $30 for the limited purple 45″ head over to BoundlessNY to cop.

Really feeling all this purple vinyl love..

Shout to NR.

According to to DJ Premier, Guru’s surgery was a success, which is one step closer to full recovery.  Unfortunately he’s still in a coma, but hopefully this will help speed up the recovery time.

I can’t even stress how important this man has been to my hip-hop upbringing, let alone the entire genre in general.  So many classics it’s hard to ignore this man’s level of rap godliness…To this day, “Just to Get a Rep” remains a top-5 12″ for me, and I make a point of keeping it in the play bin on the regular.

Wishing you and yours the best Guru.  Get better soon!

Purple Vinyl Sons

March 1, 2010

I was in LA over the weekend and stumbled across one of my doper new finds in a long time.  I had heard  that Raekwon was contemplating dropping OB4CL2 on wax, but nothing seemed solidified since the rumors first popped up.  After stopping through Turntable Lab in Hollywood, not only did I spot the official LP treatment, but also noticed that the first batch would be on exclusive purple vinyl.  WHAT?!  Now, not only is the classic follow-up getting proper treatment, but also a nice shout-out to Wu-supporters from back in the day.

Not sure if there are a ton of these left, so don’t sleep if you happen to find one.  That “House of Flying Daggers” sounds real dope over purple vinyl too…

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Guru in a Coma

March 1, 2010

Man….Apparently, over the weekend the legendary Guru (of Gang Starr fame) fell into a coma due to complications stemming from a heart attack.  According to his former partner DJ Premier, Guru will undergo surgery tomorrow afternoon.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Guru and his family during these difficult times, and here’s to a full recovery soon.