Solaar Exposed

May 14, 2010

Interview with the Solaar Hacker

I’ve been waiting for someone to expose the craziest person in hip-hop history, and am glad that it didn’t take too long…About a week ago someone hacked into Solaar’s  e-mail account, which had some pretty shady stuff going on.  For example:

1) Attempting to sell Guru’s house while he was still in a coma

2) Imposing as Guru in order to transfer money into his personal bank account ($1,000)

3) Claiming all royalty money from Guru while he was on 7Grand

4) Proof of Solaar posing as Guru through his various online accounts (Myspace, etc.)

5) Proof that Solaar in fact wrote Guru’s “final letter,” which was speculative as is..

The list actually goes on from there…This hacker even went as far as to gain access to all his online accounts (Twitter, Myspace, etc.) and started taking them over.  With that said, this crazy individual has finally been exposed for the lying/cheating/stealing/controlling/manipulative piece of shit that he is…Can Big Shug or Freddie Foxxx just beat this guy up now please?


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