Track The Movement (Mixtape)

July 14, 2011

Track The Movement – Mix By Jerry Nice (Mixcrate)

Track The Movement – Mix By Jerry Nice (Sound Cloud)

Ever since I bought Snoop Dogg’s “What’s My Name” on cassette single at 8 years old, I’ve been hooked to this music. It’s been a major part of my life since I can remember, and it took on a whole different level once I started DJing and collecting wax. The move to San Francisco opened my eyes up to all different types of genres and styles, but hip-hop has always been the constant throughout. Hip-hop is not the genre it once was in this town, so I felt a need to create something of my own that would not only keep it alive, but keep it fresh and (most importantly) fun.

About a year ago, after a successful digging session in New York, I brought up an idea with my good friend B.Cause. I wanted to start an all hip-hop, all-vinyl night in the city. While it’s not the most original idea, it’s something that wasn’t being done at the time, and if so it was always somehow gimmicky (“80’s rap night vs. 80’s rock night!”). “Track The Movement” was a song title on Lord Finesse’s first album, and overall a dope saying that represented what we were hoping to do. B.Cause came up with the tagline (“ALL RAP WAX, NO WACK RAPS”), and we made it official at The Showdown SF (6th & Market) to rock first Saturdays.

The night’s been a success so far, and I’m hoping to keep the momentum growing. Over the year, we linked up with FRANK151 as the official sponsor, made a limited run of t-shirts, had some incredible guests along the way (Sureshot, Max Kane, E Da Boss, Mista-B, Slopoke, Enki, Cool Chris, and Freddy Anzures), and are now dropping the official mixtape.

This mixtape represents not only the night, but the influences that came along the way to keep me motivated and excited. Some joints are anthems for the night (Schooly D), newer records that I dig (Fabolous), hip-hop classics (Main Source), cutty New York 12”s that were brought to my attention along the way (Raw Breed), and Bay Area staples (Too $hort, Mac Dre, Keak, etc.).

Huge shout out to Lexx Valdez for her phenomenal design work from day one, Johnny Venetti and Anita Dah for holding down the best bar/DJ Saloon in SF, Connor Moore for the help in creating this mix, and all the DJs and music enthusiasts who have supported and participated. I hope you enjoy, and more importantly come celebrate the anniversary on August 8th. Mixtape CDs will be available (and limited), and we’ll have the TTM crew in full effect all night.

Jerry Nice

All Track The Movement artwork by the very talented Lexx Valdez  (site HERE).  Track list and CD insert artwork after the jump…


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