It’s Funky Enough

November 6, 2009

Finally stopped tripping and picked this up on 12″ yesterday, after passing it up a handful of times.  Not really sure why I avoided buying this so many times, but obviously I wasn’t thinking straight.  Plus, it contains the acappella, which is getting me digging for a fitting beat to drop a remix to.  The D.O.C. was so ill back in the day, and I’m quickly realizing I need to do more homework on his short-lived career.  Oh, and that “Misdameanor” sample kills it.  Shout out to Foster Sylvers!


Code of the Streets

October 16, 2009

While this is more of an obvious choice, I’m a little surprised Gagn Starr hasn’t seen as much shine on Bass Radio as they should.  The Guru/Premier duo is the G.O.A.T. hip-hop group in my eyes, and “Code of the Streets” is a perfect example of why.  Absolute beat perfection, and rhymes, while elementary to some, match Premier’s style perfectly (ala C.L. Smooth & Pete Rock)…Played this 12″ last Saturday and the crowd went bananas.

Gang Star FTW!

Mad Scientist

September 25, 2009

Off the classic, yet postponed-like-hell Large Professor solo debut The LP, this track became an official single on 12″ in 1996.  Keep in mind, this is at least 4 years after the album had been recorded and sitting in the hands of moronic record execs.  While I hate to admit it, I got my copy on bootleg back in the day…But I guess that was the only way to get a copy, and the hip-hop gods know I need my Large Pro.

Born and Raised in Compton

September 3, 2009

Came up on this 12″ last weekend, and snagged it with the quickness.  I believe this is DJ Quik’s first single from Quik is the Name (1991), which as most of us know is a certified West Coast classic…I definitely need more of this type of music in my life.

Oh, and peep the Isaac Hayes sample (RIP).

House of Flying Daggers

August 28, 2009

Anticipation levels are getting a little out of hand here…Early reviews are freaking out over OB4CL2, and I for one am going a little nuts waiting on this project.  The above track is the first official single off the classic follow-up, complete with a Dilla beat that manages to capture that vintage Wu.

Don’t forget to buy the album on September 9th at your local Wu Wear clothing store or neighborhood Wallabee carrier.

Make Room

August 21, 2009

Off Tha Liks classic LP 21 & Over, “Make Room” still knocks just as hard as it did back in the day.  The drums are pretty infectious, and J-Ro & Tash keep it gully as ever on the lyric tip…Plus this is perfect boombox music for late August in California.

Never had a girlfriend the color of cooking flour..

We Don’t Play

August 14, 2009

Frescho & Miz dropped this dope track from their 1990 first and only 12″ as a duo.  This record plays more like an EP, featuring 3 tracks and 2 instrumentals total.  Ever since nabbing this gem it’s been in constant rotation, so if you get the chance to cop, don’t hesitate…

Be True To Yourself

August 7, 2009

I heard this track the other day and bugged out pretty hard.  DJ Quik on the beat, killing it as he always did back in the early 90’s.  2nd II None was first brought to my attention with their contribution to the Above the Rim soundtrack back in the day, but besides that I’ve slept on their material altogether.  I can’t seem to find this anywhere on 12″, so if anyone has a copy laying around in decent shape get at me!

Mama always told me there’d by days liiike thiis…

I Got To Have It

July 31, 2009

So crucial.  I’ve known this track for years, but never put Ed O.G as the man behind the classic.  Yesterday I came across this gem on 12″ and bugged out when everything came full-circle.  Trying to get doubles now..


Eye Know

July 25, 2009

In celebration of the 20th anniversary of 3 Feet High and Rising, it’s only right that Bass Radio pay homage to one of the greatest records from one of the greatest groups to ever do it.  “Eye Know” is one of the dopest from the LP and one of my personal favorites…