Track The Movement – Mix By Jerry Nice (Mixcrate)

Track The Movement – Mix By Jerry Nice (Sound Cloud)

Ever since I bought Snoop Dogg’s “What’s My Name” on cassette single at 8 years old, I’ve been hooked to this music. It’s been a major part of my life since I can remember, and it took on a whole different level once I started DJing and collecting wax. The move to San Francisco opened my eyes up to all different types of genres and styles, but hip-hop has always been the constant throughout. Hip-hop is not the genre it once was in this town, so I felt a need to create something of my own that would not only keep it alive, but keep it fresh and (most importantly) fun.

About a year ago, after a successful digging session in New York, I brought up an idea with my good friend B.Cause. I wanted to start an all hip-hop, all-vinyl night in the city. While it’s not the most original idea, it’s something that wasn’t being done at the time, and if so it was always somehow gimmicky (“80’s rap night vs. 80’s rock night!”). “Track The Movement” was a song title on Lord Finesse’s first album, and overall a dope saying that represented what we were hoping to do. B.Cause came up with the tagline (“ALL RAP WAX, NO WACK RAPS”), and we made it official at The Showdown SF (6th & Market) to rock first Saturdays.

The night’s been a success so far, and I’m hoping to keep the momentum growing. Over the year, we linked up with FRANK151 as the official sponsor, made a limited run of t-shirts, had some incredible guests along the way (Sureshot, Max Kane, E Da Boss, Mista-B, Slopoke, Enki, Cool Chris, and Freddy Anzures), and are now dropping the official mixtape.

This mixtape represents not only the night, but the influences that came along the way to keep me motivated and excited. Some joints are anthems for the night (Schooly D), newer records that I dig (Fabolous), hip-hop classics (Main Source), cutty New York 12”s that were brought to my attention along the way (Raw Breed), and Bay Area staples (Too $hort, Mac Dre, Keak, etc.).

Huge shout out to Lexx Valdez for her phenomenal design work from day one, Johnny Venetti and Anita Dah for holding down the best bar/DJ Saloon in SF, Connor Moore for the help in creating this mix, and all the DJs and music enthusiasts who have supported and participated. I hope you enjoy, and more importantly come celebrate the anniversary on August 8th. Mixtape CDs will be available (and limited), and we’ll have the TTM crew in full effect all night.

Jerry Nice

All Track The Movement artwork by the very talented Lexx Valdez  (site HERE).  Track list and CD insert artwork after the jump…

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RIP GURU (mix by Jerry Nice) – Side A

RIP GURU (mix by Jerry Nice) – Side B

The whole reason I decided to get this site going again is because I was reminded recently that’s it’s been a year since one of the greats passed away.  I originally recorded this mix straight to tape, and put out the digitized version a little over a year ago.  Here’s an excerpt from the original post:

The day that GURU died, I immediately felt like I had to do something in tribute to one of the greatest to ever do it.  His influence on me at a young age is one of the reasons I love this music as much as I do, so I felt it necessary to pay homage.  I didn’t have the patience to make a fully-mastered digital copy with flawless editing and scratches, so I hooked up the grimy tape dubber, grabbed every GURU-related piece of vinyl I could muster up, and hit record.

It turned out even better than I thought it’d be, so I made around 30 copies on tape and sold them locally (thanks to The Groove Merchant).  The response was positive, and those original copies sold out, so I decided converting to mp3 might help get this out to the masses (or just the homies without a tape deck).

My good friend E Da Boss helped out with putting this online, so big shout out to him for hooking it up.  Attached above are both sides of the 80 minute tape, with a healthy blend of Guru classics, 12″ remixes, and original samples.  Download for free and spread the word.  Enjoy!


Dilla Joints

April 9, 2010

The Roots: Dilla Joints (mixtape)

The Roots recently dropped their official ode to James Yancey, with a new mixtape entitled Dilla Joints.  As you can guess, the whole thing is their own interpretation of his work, complete with efforts from the entire band.  Most tracks are a little more obscure, which makes this really sound like the authentic tribute they intended to make…Plus, we all know how deep ?uestlove’s Dilla crates are (unreleased too), so such a project makes all the sense in the world.

Download now!  Props 2DB’s.

Cookin’ Soul: “Big Dilla (mixtape)”

To commemorate both J-Dilla’s 36th birthday and the 10th anniversary of Big Pun’s passing on February 7th, the good folks at 2DopeBoyz put together a nice tribute for two of hip-hops greats.  Filled with knocking Dilla production and classic Pun wordplay (both from previous work), this is one of the better mixtapes to drop in recent memory.

Peep the tracklist after the jump..

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Jaylib vs. J-Rocc

February 4, 2010

Jaylib vs. J-Rocc (mixtape)

Back in like 2003, my good friend Stephen Wonder put me on to this promo CD that Stones Throw released simply titled Jaylib vs. J-Rocc.  I was a big fan of both Madlib and Dilla, and was blown away at the concept of those two beatsmiths putting together an album.  I never managed to grab a copy of the OG promo CD, and have been waiting for an official digital release for years…Glad to see the good folks at the Stones Throw heard me loud and clear.  Enjoy!


DJ Jazzy Jeff: “He’s the King, I’m the DJ (mixtape)”

Jazzy Jeff comes through yet again (when doesn’t he?) with some incredible music for your headphones.  This time around, it’s a free mixtape in memory of the greatest pop icon ever.  I have yet to bump this, but best believe it will get heavy rotation on the Monster headphones.

Track list after the jump…

R.I.P. MJ.

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Back to the Feature…

June 24, 2009


Wale & 9th Wonder: “Back to the Feature (mixtape)”

Just after dropping his first official single w/ Lady GaGa (along with an assault of mixed feelings), Wale gives the people something that made him famous in the first place…The Mixtape.  Complete with a solid guest list (Talib, etc.) and banging 9th Wonder production, mark this one as another K.O. on the scorecard.


Blackstar: Live @ the Nokia Theatre (full download)

All The Way Live has posted the Blackstar reunion show from last Saturday (5/30), live at the Nokia Theatre in NYC.  Tracks included are “Respiration,” “Brown Skin Lady,” “My Umi Says,” “The Blast,” and a solid mix from both Mos and Talib’s extensive catalog.

The Blackstar album remains one of the greatest hip-hop albums ever, and it’s good to see the famous Rawkus duo back at it.

It’s stuff like this that makes me want to pack my bags and buy a one-way ticket to NYC.

Infinitely Free

May 14, 2009

Eminem: Infinite

ThisIs50 is hosting a free download of Eminem’s debut into the rap-game Infinite (1996).  This album got crazy play in my boombox back in the day (pre-Dre), especially that title track.  Back in like 1999 though, my Jeep Cherokee (sheep-skin interior y’all) was broken into, and the perpetrator took every classic hip-hop album inside (like 200 total).  Long story short, Infinite was one of those records that I never got back since then.

This is all to help boost the buzz for Em’s forthcoming LP Relapse, which officially drops on Tuesday..Review coming soon.

That’s a good look 50!

Back to the Classics

May 13, 2009


Joell Ortiz: Back to the Classics (Mixtape)

Joell Ortiz has been bubbling in the underground scene for some time now, and continues to impress with his solo mixtape work, as well as his work with the untouchable super-group Slaughterhouse (Joell, Crooked I, Joe Budden, Royce the 5″9″).  With that said, peep the above for the latest from BK’s finest…Fire!

Word bond OnSmash.