Jay-Z: “My President Is Black (D.C. Mix)”

Via Nah Right, I bring you the most hyped presidential remix EVER (not that there are hella)…Jay-Z definitely knows how to get his internet buzz on, and this is no exception.  If you haven’t seen him perform this live in D.C. yet, I suggest continuing on below.

That crowd was feeling it!

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FINALLY…A president worth looking up to.  After eight long, gruesome years under the Bush regime, we enter the Obama era.

I can’t begin to describe how happy I am.

Parts 2 and 3 after the jump…

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We Did it America

November 5, 2008

Thank you everyone…We have a true leader backing us now.  Obama has sent a message to the world, and that’s a message of hope and prosperity.  Thank you for voting America.

Yes We Can

November 4, 2008

This is one of the biggest days of your life…Get out and vote!!!  OBAMA IN ’08!!!  YES WE CAN!!!

In One Week

October 27, 2008

Now, I know this isn’t a political blog, but I couldn’t resist.  Obama is truly moving people all across the globe to believe in an era in change.  His latest speech is about as moving as anything I’ve ever heard from a public speaker…A change is coming, and I can’t wait another second:

One week.

After decades of broken politics in Washington, eight years of failed policies from George Bush, and twenty-one months of a campaign that has taken us from the rocky coast of Maine to the sunshine of California, we are one week away from change in America.

In one week, you can turn the page on policies that have put the greed and irresponsibility of Wall Street before the hard work and sacrifice of folks on Main Street.

In one week, you can choose policies that invest in our middle-class, create new jobs, and grow this economy from the bottom-up so that everyone has a chance to succeed; from the CEO to the secretary and the janitor; from the factory owner to the men and women who work on its floor.

In one week, you can put an end to the politics that would divide a nation just to win an election; that tries to pit region against region, city against town, Republican against Democrat; that asks us to fear at a time when we need hope.

In one week, at this defining moment in history, you can give this country the change we need.

Don’t forget to vote on November 4th, 2008.  This is by far the most historic presidential race in recent memory, and its about time for some much-needed change.

Continue on for the remainder of his “In One Week” speech:

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Yes We Can (The Mixtape)

October 16, 2008

Available for download HERE:

Official Track List:

1. Intro
2. David Banner,Busta Rhymes,Talib Kweli “Black President” Rmx pt1 *
3. Barack Obama “Stand Up”*
4. Nas Speaks on Politics
5. Styles P and Cassidy “Make It Out”*
6. Jay-Z Speaks “The American Dream
7. Barack Obama “One Mic, One People”
8. Russell Simmons Speaks on Obama
9. Joe Budden,Twista,John Mayer “Waiting on the World to Change 2008″
10. Angie Martinez “Yes We Need A Mixtape!!”
11. Kanye West,Malik Yusef “Promised land
12. Wale,Rhymefest,Christina K, Royce 529 “Black President” RMX Pt2*
13. Barack Obama “My Life”*
14. Jay-z “Lick a Shot”*
15. Russell Simmons on Change
16. Wyclef “Obama for President
17. Charles Hamilton “The Moment”
18. Find ur Dreams (interlude) *
19. George Bush’s Highlight Reel
20. Mikkey Halsted “King George” *
21. Obama on Hip-Hop
22. Joel Ortiz feat Dante Hawkins “Letter To Obama” *
23. Akon , U.M. “Aint No Sunshine” *
24. Qadir, Dwayne (Invasion) “Its My Time
25. Johnny Polygon (Invasion),Amanda Diva “Colorblind” *
26. Mavado “We Need Barack” *
27. Jay-Z / Gabe Real “What We Need” (Speech)
28. Qadir “Yes We Can” Outro

I can’t stress enough the importance of this years election, so please get out there and vote on November 4th…OBAMA IN ’08!!!

Yes We Kan

August 29, 2008

From Kanye’s Blog…Mr. West kicks it with Democratic hopeful Barack Obama.  The rest of the fam after the jump.

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Dead Man Walking

August 15, 2008

I can’t even believe THIS kind of stuff still happens in 2008.  The fact that this guy is walking around New York wearing the above shirt is absolutely mind-blowing.  From the idiot above:

“This is very disturbing to me that I am living in New York City and that I own a boutique for more than five and a half years [in] neighborhoods which are suppose to be the most open-minded and tolerant to any kind of art, but instead, people don’t understand me, hate me and don’t let me express myself the way everyone should be able to in New York.”

Man I wish this guy would try to sell his shirts at a Dead Prez show…

Need anymore proof?  I CAN’T BELIEVE that in 2008, these types of discussions are allowed to be aired on a nationally “respected” news program.  On the flip side, I bet there are a ton of white supremacists who endorse McCain to the fullest extent…Do you think he backs their views Fox?

Fox news continues to spread fear among its viewers to keep them boxed-up in a conservative world.  If the public is scared of a black leader, they will vote McCain and Fox will have its way.  Obama doesn’t agree with Ludacris, and anyone with half a brain cell should understand this.  Fox news is scared of change and will do whatever they can to make sure this country is lead by a white man.  It’s NOT about race, it’s about CHANGE. 

I am completely offended by this blatant ignorance and hope Obama will be able to look past this and prevail come November…Fox News, you are a disgrace to national media.