Diggin is a feature of the site, which revolves around tales of crate digging and all the cracking vinyl that comes with it.  These are all personal finds, and this page will continue to grow as my collection does, at an unhealthy rate.

Fondle ‘Em Records

Get Wize

The Sample King?

Breaking Atoms

Legendary Lyricist


Dissecting Donuts

Dilla Drums Get Jacked

Doin’ Damage

Roc La (Whole Darn) Familia

Superhero Music

Bob James Is The Shit

More Flava In Ya Ear

Force Field

Hellamagnetic MC’s

Is It Funky Enough?

The Greatest Digger OF All Time

Phatback Band

Juvenile Hella

Joe Quixx

Hold on People

The Funky Jesus

The Funkiest $1 Ever Spent

(Masta) Ace Up The Sleeve

Cymande Is My Shit

Skull Raps

The Large Pro Remix

eBay All Day

Cover Art Sampling

No Title

Donald Byrd Call

Pot Belly

Brooklyn We Go Hard

Treat Her Like A Lady


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