For my first post, I thought I’d bring in some of that feel good music. It’s spring time. The weather’s nice and warm; the kids are starting to head to the park to play ball; the ladies are breaking out their spring and summer clothes (and lookin good if I say so myself). Everyone’s finally coming out to enjoy the sunshine.

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I love that Jay will get super duper intricate with his rhyme patterns on a club song.  Its too easy for him…

Your dude is back, the Maybach Coupe is back
Tell the whole world the truth is back
You ain’t gotta argue about who can rap
Cause the proof is back, just go through my raps
New York, New York!  Yeah, where my troopers at?
Where my hustlers, where my boosters at?
I don’t care what you do for stacks
I know the world glued your back to the wall
You gotta brawl, do that
I been through that, been shot at, shoot back
Gotta keep a piece like a Buddhist
I ain’t a New Jack, nobody gon’ Wesley Snipe me
It’s less than likely, move back
Let I breathe, Jedi Knight
The more space I get the better I write, ohh
Whenever I write, but, if, ever I write
I need the space to say whatever I like, now I just 

Roots Live

April 29, 2008


Video and audio of the Roots appearence on The Green Lantern Show

Roots Live Set 4-28-08

You got to love Black Thought for being able to rap his verses flawlessly live.  Not a lot of dudes can do that (I can)

for a video from this performance click here (worth doing)

Newest single from Oakland’s own Keak Da Sneak:

Keak Da Sneak: “That Go (feat. Prodigy and Alchemist)”

If you want my opinion, Alchemist should stick to making beats.   Open this post to hear the original (and better) version…

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War is Necessary

April 28, 2008

Off the Grand Theft Auto IV soundtrack:

Nas: “War is Necessary”

This better be included on the album, because I’m pretty unimpressed so far… 


Getting Busy

April 28, 2008

The Roots: Rising Down

Rising Down is the groups eighth full-length and is their second effort on Def Jam. This is one album I’ve been anticipating for quite some time now. The tracks that hit the net in recent weeks are very promising (except for “Birthday Girl”), and are reminiscent of The Roots that I grew up listening to.

The title track starts the album off with a blast. Complete with dirty drums, eerie guitar riffs and potent lyrics, this is the vintage Roots I’ve been waiting for. The train doesn’t stop there either…Followed by “Get Busy” and “75 Bars,” the listener gets slapped in the face with two of the best Roots tracks to come out in years:

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Ba-Bass Crazy Kickin…

April 27, 2008

Kidz in the Hall: “Driving Down the Block”

Now that’s a weird-ass video…

Don’t forget to check the Remix featuring Pusha T, Bun B, and the Cool Kids.

The In Crowd, available 5/13 on Duck Down Records.

Hipster Rap?

April 24, 2008

There’s a new trend in hip-hop that’s been quickly picking up steam and is well on its way to taking over the industry. It is commonly referred to as “hipster rap,” and can be described as a revival of the boom-bap era (ala Eric B & Rakim, Boogie Down Production, etc.). Meaning, these artists rely on basic old school-type beats to drive their sound. However, the lyrics seem to take precedent here, which has been missing in popular rap for some time now.

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Rising Up

April 23, 2008

The Roots: Rising Up (feat. Wale & Chrisette Michele)

Rising Down in stores 4/29.


For my inaguaral post here at MyBassRocks I thought I would introduce my weekly “Best Verse Ever” post. There is no order to these verses that I will be posting, although I do have a strong urge to make “best of” lists whenever possible so don’t count that out in the future. These will just be some of my favs. In honor of the new Nas track that dropped today, “Be A N-word Too” (yawn…), I thought I’d do a Nas verse. This one is off of his sophmore album It Was Written. It pretty much speaks for itself. Typical Nas style braggadocia (I mean who else was watching broadcast television from a car in 1997?) But the scenes he paints here are so vivid. I can still picture where I was when I first heard some of the lines. Here it is with the audio…

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