THE GET LOW w/ resident DJ’s Jerry Nice (Groove Merchant Records) & Ant-1 (Wild N Krazy Kids).

Think back to when The Neptunes were the biggest producers in the game, Bad Boy & Roc-A-Fella made hits, and DMX was running the radio. This is what we are dubbing The Silver Era of hip-hop, and we’re dedicating an entire night to it…In other words, it’s about to be a dance party.

Here are the specifics:

SOM Bar (16th & Mission)
Thursday, November 17th (3rd Thursdays)
FREE at The Door
10pm -2am

This one is the jump-off night, which will happen every 3rd Thursday of the month from here on out. Come through and get down – See you all there!



Track The Movement – Mix By Jerry Nice (Mixcrate)

Track The Movement – Mix By Jerry Nice (Sound Cloud)

Ever since I bought Snoop Dogg’s “What’s My Name” on cassette single at 8 years old, I’ve been hooked to this music. It’s been a major part of my life since I can remember, and it took on a whole different level once I started DJing and collecting wax. The move to San Francisco opened my eyes up to all different types of genres and styles, but hip-hop has always been the constant throughout. Hip-hop is not the genre it once was in this town, so I felt a need to create something of my own that would not only keep it alive, but keep it fresh and (most importantly) fun.

About a year ago, after a successful digging session in New York, I brought up an idea with my good friend B.Cause. I wanted to start an all hip-hop, all-vinyl night in the city. While it’s not the most original idea, it’s something that wasn’t being done at the time, and if so it was always somehow gimmicky (“80’s rap night vs. 80’s rock night!”). “Track The Movement” was a song title on Lord Finesse’s first album, and overall a dope saying that represented what we were hoping to do. B.Cause came up with the tagline (“ALL RAP WAX, NO WACK RAPS”), and we made it official at The Showdown SF (6th & Market) to rock first Saturdays.

The night’s been a success so far, and I’m hoping to keep the momentum growing. Over the year, we linked up with FRANK151 as the official sponsor, made a limited run of t-shirts, had some incredible guests along the way (Sureshot, Max Kane, E Da Boss, Mista-B, Slopoke, Enki, Cool Chris, and Freddy Anzures), and are now dropping the official mixtape.

This mixtape represents not only the night, but the influences that came along the way to keep me motivated and excited. Some joints are anthems for the night (Schooly D), newer records that I dig (Fabolous), hip-hop classics (Main Source), cutty New York 12”s that were brought to my attention along the way (Raw Breed), and Bay Area staples (Too $hort, Mac Dre, Keak, etc.).

Huge shout out to Lexx Valdez for her phenomenal design work from day one, Johnny Venetti and Anita Dah for holding down the best bar/DJ Saloon in SF, Connor Moore for the help in creating this mix, and all the DJs and music enthusiasts who have supported and participated. I hope you enjoy, and more importantly come celebrate the anniversary on August 8th. Mixtape CDs will be available (and limited), and we’ll have the TTM crew in full effect all night.

Jerry Nice

All Track The Movement artwork by the very talented Lexx Valdez  (site HERE).  Track list and CD insert artwork after the jump…

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GURU Tribute Links

April 20, 2011

Attached below are some great tributes to GURU, to commemorate the recent anniversary of his death (4/19).

propsRadio RIP GURU Mixed by JERRY NICE – Via props

DJ Premier’s Guru Tribute Mix (Live on Hot 97) – Via Nah Right

Rest in Peace to one of the greatest to ever do it!

RIP GURU (mix by Jerry Nice) – Side A

RIP GURU (mix by Jerry Nice) – Side B

The whole reason I decided to get this site going again is because I was reminded recently that’s it’s been a year since one of the greats passed away.  I originally recorded this mix straight to tape, and put out the digitized version a little over a year ago.  Here’s an excerpt from the original post:

The day that GURU died, I immediately felt like I had to do something in tribute to one of the greatest to ever do it.  His influence on me at a young age is one of the reasons I love this music as much as I do, so I felt it necessary to pay homage.  I didn’t have the patience to make a fully-mastered digital copy with flawless editing and scratches, so I hooked up the grimy tape dubber, grabbed every GURU-related piece of vinyl I could muster up, and hit record.

It turned out even better than I thought it’d be, so I made around 30 copies on tape and sold them locally (thanks to The Groove Merchant).  The response was positive, and those original copies sold out, so I decided converting to mp3 might help get this out to the masses (or just the homies without a tape deck).

My good friend E Da Boss helped out with putting this online, so big shout out to him for hooking it up.  Attached above are both sides of the 80 minute tape, with a healthy blend of Guru classics, 12″ remixes, and original samples.  Download for free and spread the word.  Enjoy!


Back At It…

April 15, 2011

It’s been forever since I last checked this site, and I’m realizing that I miss writing about hip-hop and how it effects me on a daily basis.  I’ve found some incredible inspiration lately in the genre and have gotten some things in order to make this an even more effective site moving forward.  Hope you all can bear with me for a third time!  YEE!

Dr. Dre (feat. Jay-Z): “Under Pressure”

Two listens in a row, and while I dig it, I’m not doing back flips like when I heard “Still D.R.E” for the first time back in high school…Not that it’s not good, but it sounds like a very rough copy, and almost trying too hard to hit the radio running (channeling Timbaland?).  Jay-Z kills the verse on this though, so you can’t really be mad at that…

At least Detox is happening officially though!  Dr. Dre makes hip-hop better by just being involved again..

NMC Exclusive.

New Madvillain

May 26, 2010

Madvillain “Papermill”

Finally!  I know Madlib is all over the place these days (Erykah Badu, Guilty Simpson, etc.), and DOOM is busy dodging live performances, but it’s taken WAY too long for the Madvillainy sequel to get released.  If this is a sign of things to come, it sounds like they haven’t missed a beat since first pairing in 2004.  Blunted lyricism and blunted beats from the kings of Stones Throw needs to happen more often..

I’m thinking the official follow-up is underway..

Keeping with the recent theme, I thought I’d post another Guru-related find.  The good folks at Groove Parlor released presumably one of the last Gang Starr interviews in 2003.  Preemo & Guru were promoting The Ownerz at the time, and in this specific interview they reflect on their past as a group, as well as where they hoped to go…Pretty interesting stuff here.

Part 2 after the jump..

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Solaar Exposed

May 14, 2010

Interview with the Solaar Hacker

I’ve been waiting for someone to expose the craziest person in hip-hop history, and am glad that it didn’t take too long…About a week ago someone hacked into Solaar’s  e-mail account, which had some pretty shady stuff going on.  For example:

1) Attempting to sell Guru’s house while he was still in a coma

2) Imposing as Guru in order to transfer money into his personal bank account ($1,000)

3) Claiming all royalty money from Guru while he was on 7Grand

4) Proof of Solaar posing as Guru through his various online accounts (Myspace, etc.)

5) Proof that Solaar in fact wrote Guru’s “final letter,” which was speculative as is..

The list actually goes on from there…This hacker even went as far as to gain access to all his online accounts (Twitter, Myspace, etc.) and started taking them over.  With that said, this crazy individual has finally been exposed for the lying/cheating/stealing/controlling/manipulative piece of shit that he is…Can Big Shug or Freddie Foxxx just beat this guy up now please?

Guru Tribute

April 29, 2010

A week ago from last Tuesday (4/20) when I heard the news about Guru, I wrapped things up at work and immediately went home to dig in all my Guru-related material.  When it was all said and done, I had a crate full of Gang Starr LP’s and 12 inches, and original funk and soul samples used by Premier (Skull Snaps, etc.).  I was feeling like I needed to pay homage right then and there, so I hooked up the old tape-dubber, put a needle to a record, and went from there.

The end result is a full Guru tribute via tape, with about 40 minutes of Guru music per side (80 minutes total)…It actually turned out pretty good, so I gave it the official treatment (cover, etc.), and made some extra copies, which you can find at Groove Merchant Records in San Francisco.

They’re selling for $5 a piece, so let me know if you want a copy in the comments section, and we can take it from there…